A systemic story

We’re moving on, says the great mistress, quietly.

Fun, says the adventuress.

Once again, no time to let wounds heal, says the injured.

Let’s hurry up about it then, says the motivator.

Loneliness, says the loner.

What’s the plan? asks the controller.

But why us? asks the seeker of meaning.

What she said, says the subservient.

Same old, same old, says the resigned.

But I’ve still got such a lot to say, says the reliable.

I’m scared, says the coward.

I told you so, says the know-it-all.

But what if it doesn’t turn out OK? says the despairing.

Where and how? asks the goal-orientated.

Im not going anywhere, says the foot-dragger.

I’m staying here, no matter the cost, says the antagonist.

Finally, a new drama, says the jaded.

I still have so many questions, says the inquirer.

I’ll just tidy up then, says the carer.

Everything will be just fine, says the ever-hopeful.

Oh, if only…, says the yearner.

God help us, says the believer.

I can hardly wait, says the child.

My legs won’t keep going for much longer, says the elder.

We can do it, says the courageous.

I’ll leave my tears here, says the sensitive.

I just want my peace and quiet, says the exhausted.

Can I help? says the committed.

That’s not how I imagined it would be, says the complainer.

We’ll make it happen together with love, says the peace-maker.

What did we do wrong that we have to go on alone? asks the conscientious.

You learn by your mistakes, says the responsible.

I can’t even stand up anymore, says the invalid.

I’ll make sure it’s beautiful along the way, says the artist.

I’m already being cared for well along the way, says the creative.

It will never be enough, says the addict.

I can carry a lot, says the dependable.

I don’t need much on the way, says the modest.

I need even less, says the ascetic.

It’s about time, says the impatient.

Everyone has to go together, says the wise one.

Don’t forget the shadow, says the enlightened.

We’re moving on, says the great mistress again, but a little louder this time.

And then they set off.

The ever-hopeful and the adventuress holding the child right at the front.

The believer, hand in hand with the sensitive and the yearner.

The elder supported by the carer.

The despairing and the foot-dragger bringing up the rear, but already being shooed on by the motivator.

The loner walks alone, silent next to the coward and the resigned.

The courageous is right at the front with the injured in tow.

The jaded between the antagonist and the know-it all talking in monologue.

The subservient and the inquirer next to the great mistress.

The seeker of meaning and the complainer philosophize in the middle.

The exhausted and the committed huddle together like sisters.

The responsible with fixed gaze and heavy baggage.

The conscientious is almost inconspicuous, buried beneath the baggage of the despairing.

The peace-maker runs back and forth distributing flowers that the artist passes to her.

The invalid even thinner than the addict but not as thin as the ascetic.

The modest, always close to the dependable.

The creative, erratic like the impatient, luckily with the goal-orientated as a role model.

The enlightened keeps the shadow in sight, hovering above the meadow.

Everyone walks on together, nobody is left behind.

We’re moving on, says the great mistress once more, this time quietly again with great satisfaction in her voice.

Longa Dressler

Intercultural Communication and Cooperation (MA), Professional Coach, post-graduate Change-Manager, Organisational Structuralist, Sports Trainer, Self-employed.

Intercultural Communication and Cooperation (MA), Professional Coach, post-graduate Change-Manager, Organisational Structuralist, Sports Trainer, Self-employed.