I think „Follow your heart or gut or intuition” is basically not that bad. However, there are some disadvantages. Sometimes emotions interfere with our gut feeling and they are enriched with prejudice, bad experiences, fears and desires.

It is difficult to distinguish between intuition and emotion.

In addition, employees, customers or colleagues do not understand why this new idea or this decision is so great. They cannot feel your intuition. So yes, it makes sense to listen to your gut feeling, but you need logical arguments for others and even yourself. The new candidate is not the right one? Your gut feeling tells you so? Now you have to justify it logically. Of course, you will choose arguments to support your gut feeling. So you are already predisposed. Maybe one of the reasons that you are predisposed is that intution and logic are one item.

At least for me intuition is accelerated logic.

The reflection can help to look again. Have I overlooked or “overfeeled” something? I think if you’re trained to “hear and feel” your gut feeling, it helps a lot. It saves time and helps you to go in the right direction. This is difficult with pure logic. Pure gut feeling is also difficult when you work with other people.

In self-coaching, you can learn to combine intuition and logic.

Or to understand the logic in your intuition. And to make other people follow your lead, because in the end your gut feeling makes sense.

Intercultural Communication and Cooperation (MA), Professional Coach, post-graduate Change-Manager, Organisational Structuralist, Sports Trainer, Self-employed.